Welcome to Nortech Technologies Ltd.

We originally established a company called Britech (UK) Ltd. in 2009, which dealt with Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Power sectors. Now in 2015 we have restructured the company and renamed it Nortech Technologies Ltd. in order to include a wider business sector.

Nortech Technologies Ltd. is a technology based company with offices in London, United Kingdom and Dhaka, Bangladesh. We facilitate different government, semi-government and private organizations of Bangladesh to procure specialized instruments and equipment for their different development projects. Being a developing country, there is still a huge demand for foreign specialized equipment, machinery and services for the growth of Bangladesh. Due to lack of technical people in this business area, companies find it difficult to source the correct equipment, machinery and services on time, which on many occasions delay the projects and increases expenditure.

With a long time working experience in the Oil and Gas sector of Bangladesh and living for more than a decade in the UK, we are confident in finding the best equipment and services for our valued clients on time at a reasonable price and helping Bangladesh to become a developed country.